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Adding icons

You can add a range of icons to your website through our icon library.

Step 1. Opening the icons tab

Open the editor and go to the tab on the left of the canvas. Click on the icons tab to display the icon search. You can search for an icon by clicking in the search bar.

icon article - 1

Step 2. Adding the icon to your page.

Once you have found the icon you need, simply drag the icon from the tab onto your canvas to where you would like it.

icon article - 2

Step 3. Changing the size

You can change the size of your icon by dragging or by entering the width and length dimensions.

icon article - 3

Step 4. Change properties

You can add a background to any of your icons, change the colour, add opacity and add radius.

For example, to get an icon in a circle, drag on the icon and select a background, change the radius to a circle and add some padding in order to make the icon smaller in the circle.

icon article - 4

Step 5. Save and Publish your changes


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