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Copy and pasting

  • Copy and pasting text from Word

Icon library

  • Adding icons

Adding a lightbox

  • Adding a lightbox


  • Viewing your site analytics

  • Connecting Google analytics

Creating an accordion style section

  • Creating an accordion style section

Adding slideshows

  • Adding slideshows

  • Reordering slides

  • Linking to a slide

Adding parallax

  • Adding parallax

Creating menus

  • Creating hamburger menus

  • Creating basic navigation menus

  • Creating drop down menus

Adding links

  • Linking to a document

  • Linking to the top of a page

  • Adding links

  • Linking to an external website

  • Linking to a section

  • Linking to a phone number

  • Linking to an email address

  • Linking to hide/show section

Adding animation

  • Adding animation

Multiple pages

  • Adding pages

  • Copying pages

  • Renaming pages

  • Deleting pages

  • Changing the page of your homepage

  • Creating shared sections


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