Adding slideshows

You can add a slideshow to any of the sections on your page. Watch this short video to learn how to create your own slideshow.

Double click on this text to enter your code

To add a slideshow select the drop-down in the top right corner of the page and select Section Properties.


Here you can select 'Slideshow' as your Section Type, the type of slideshow (Full Width, Fixed Width or Infinite Loop), Arrow Style, Time Between Slides, Transition Speed and more.

Full Width slideshows use the full width of the browser, whereas Fixed Width slideshows fit within the layout width. Infinite Loop slideshows are looping banners.


To change to background of the slide select the drop-down arrow on the top right of the section and choose Change Background. You can select to use an image or colour as your background.


You can add elements like Heading, Paragraph and buttons to your slider using the left side menu by selecting the + button.


To add new slides select the section's drop-down menu and select Add Slide or Duplicate Slide.

Once you have more than one slide you can select which slide you would like to edit on the left side menu.


See how to change the order of your slides here.

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