Uploading Images

You can add images to your website. There are also a number of other features that can be added to your images which we will outline below.

For best website performance, we recommend you reduce your image size by using tinypng.com or imagecompressor.com before uploading it to your page.

To add an image:

Step 1. Click the 'add' button located on the left of the canvas.

Step 2. Click and drag the image button onto the canvas to the position you would like it on your page.

Step 3. Upload your image by clicking the 'upload' button.

add image 1

You can resize your image by either moving the corner of the image or by manually typing in the exact dimensions that you would like the image to be.

add image 2

From this properties box, you can also change the opacity and the radius of your image. To make a circle image, simply change the dimensions of the image to equal length and height and increase the corner radius to 150.

Within the editor, your images are automatically locked so the dimensions will not change when first upload your image. When resizing your image, the dimensions will be locked by default. To unlock this, simply click on the lock icon. Your image will simply be cropped but not distorted.

add image 2

Links can also be added to images. This can be done by clicking on the links tab on the properties box of your image. Please refer to our 'adding links' article in our help desk for more details on what links you can add.

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